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Inmate Search

Find out if someone is on the jail roster in Deep East Texas*

* See further down on this page for a list of supported counties.

What is Jail.Guru?

Anew way to monitoR inmates

Jail.Guru is a place to quickly search jail records for select counties and determine if someone is currently incarcerated.

We also support notifications of arrest or release. Send text  or email alerts to family or friends,, trigger a home automation response, and more. The power of IFTTT will be at your fingertips.
We’re going to start with Angelina County and Nacogdoches County, and then Polk County. This is still a work in progress. New features will be added periodically.

Introducing: Monitors

real time information

A monitor is what we call what triggers the notification of arrest or release. Essentially, it “monitors” the jail roster logs for the name you set when you create it, and if found new or removed it dispatches a notification.

Monitors do not cost anything to create and you can have an unlimited number of monitors. If you have 20 friends, you could create a monitor for all 20 friends at no cost. Monitors work as searches for a name, so you could have a monitor for every Bob, or every Bob Smith, or specify Bob Andrew Smith Jr.. Use what is on their drivers license.

When one goes to jail or gets released a notification will dispatch if you have the required amount of credits in your account. The more specific you are the less notifications you will receive.

To get started, register below, then navigate to Account -> List Monitors

Counties We Serve

These are the locations that we currently support.

Angelina County

Nacogdoches County